Sunday, 18 August 2019

What is Asset Creation

This is the age of content marketing. After a strong emphasis on apocalyptic updates in recent years, Google can no longer ignore the importance of quality content. Contrary to public perception, these new developments actually benefited small businesses, new entrepreneurs, and freelancers because they actually created a quality content and provided a competitive environment to compete with large companies.

Make a renewed contract for your size

But we are trying to create deep, high-quality content that can attract audiences, but we need to ask a few questions. Are you making the most of the content we produce? Is there a way for more and more people to discover our content? Well, this would be a good idea considering a web widget that helps us create small but very useful digital assets beyond pure content. This does not mean that the content is not important. With widgets, you can actually get more out of your content.

Build a fan base with a social feed

Other related types of widgets are social feeds. Get a live feed from your social network and display it on your site, blog or other online asset. It helps your website visitors to follow you by letting them know you have an active social presence. This will enhance the fan base for future benefits when sharing new content on those channels. Facebook itself provides a “Like Box” code that you can put on your site. Likewise, you can find solutions such as Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr.

Go viral with social sharing widgets

These are the most widely used widgets on websites around the world. You should see people who are “good” or “recommended” in FBs under the articles of various websites, “Retway”, “Plus One” and other social buttons. Be prepared to use it if you are not already using it. The core idea of ​​a widget is to make it easy for people to share. For example, not everyone will try to copy the URL and share it on the FB wall.

However, they can always use the widget to like the post and still appear in the News widget and view it in real time in Contacts. As a result, widgets increase the likelihood of being shared on social networks. There are many good quality custom widgets available for use on all platforms or CMS for immediate installation of this widget.

Maintain visitor with content

Another ingenious way to attract visitors and consume more content is the Featured Widget. Yes, it’s that simple! The only trick is that you have to do it in a smart and elegant way. As a result, you can have a content suggestion widget that suggests relevant content that your audience likes. The simplest type of content suggestion widget is usually displayed at the end of a page or article. They suggest several other articles on the same topic as the one at the top.

For example, if someone reads an article about SEO on your blog, you might be interested in this topic. As a result, the widget displays some other interesting articles about the same topic as your blog, so it attracts your readers, clicks on the proposed content, and makes you discover more. For example, you can use tools such as Zemanta to create widgets as well as perform detailed analysis to measure performance.

Offer proprietary branding

There are many advanced widgets that you can prepare as downloadable items for other publishers. For example, you can create a badge or form with your brand name to share with bloggers. Instead, you can give them a little prizes or recognition. When they install the widget on their site, they have a backlink to your site. Naturally, it can potentially be viral if it can drive more traffic to your website and create really useful widgets. You might also consider using a widget to run a mutually beneficial affiliate program.

Engaging your audience into social activities

Another interesting way to attract audiences is to provide activities such as polls through small quizzes and widgets. These assets can also be used by entrepreneurs as a branding tool. You need to create something interesting that invites your friends to join. Remember that you can include brand names somewhere in the widget and spread it along with the activity in question.

Services like SnapApp make it easy to write these applications. The various types of widgets mentioned above can be a true digital asset for new entrepreneurs with limited budgets for expensive marketing campaigns. It can help you share content at no extra cost, and if you have creativity, you can reach more people than you can run an ad campaign for a fee.

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