Advancements in reproductive medicine have made it possible for people who were unable to have children because of some underlying issues to finally to have them. The new IVF treatment allows the female reproductive cells to be fertilized inside the womb rather than in the laboratory. It is estimated that 30-35% of couples in the UAE have some form of fertility problem. However, AneVivo treatment is cheaper and occurs in a natural environment.


Other approaches can be used together with this method to make this treatment conducive for you. For example, AneVivo Natural Cycle, where the doctors don’t use any stimulation. AneVivo Natural Fertilization enables the patients to be engaged from the onset of this operation.

AneVivo and egg donation involves the use of donated egg and embryos where the recipient’s eggs are either absent, inappropriate or unavailable for In Vitro Fertilization and embryo transfer. In this case, the donor is the generic mother but the legal maternity is transferred to the recipient.

Although most women worry about their weight getting in the way of conception, this is not the case because having lower weight could actually reduce your chances of conception.

Benefits of AneVivo to the Mother

  • The initial stage of fertilization and embryo development occurs in natural physiological conditions.
  • AneVivo allows the passage of nutrients, fluids, and the necessary cell compounds which allows the embryo to interact safely with its environment.
  • This method enables the patients to actively participate in the AneVivo process. It gives a couple the confidence knowing that the embryo has been conceived inside the mother.
  • When combined with the no stimulation treatment, freezing eggs can be avoided. Long term frozen eggs are less likely to result in live births due to freezing and thawing process.
  • The threat of OHSS is removed. Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome occurs to women who take hormones by injecting themselves to set off the quick development of their eggs.


The fact that in the new IVF fertilization takes place a natural environment also means that the embryo enjoys a number of benefits. Also, it is budget-friendly and involves fewer procedures.

Benefits to the Embryo

  • Growing embryos in the laboratory, increases the chances of some health defects such as heart disease and urogenital tract malfunctions thus, maximizing the duration spent in the womb is important.
  • There are usually no side effects to the baby because the mother is not required to take fertility medicines to sustain the pregnancy.

This treatment is less expensive compared to other fertility treatment methods. Couples who cannot afford other methods of treatments can use this new IVF method without making a major financial sacrifice.

Another benefit is that this method does not have the risk of multiple pregnancies. Couples only get the number of children they choose to have. This helps them to provide and sustain their families.