Sunday, 18 August 2019

Best Microsoft Office Alternatives

According to a white paper from the Google Apps Cloud Alliance, 31% of respondents suggested that Google Apps could reduce their investment in Microsoft Office products. But doing so requires a simple way to move data from the desktop to the cloud. Here are some apps to help you. If you use Microsoft Exchange or Outlook. Use GAMME for large-scale migrations.

Free tool from Google

It is a free tool from Google that allows you to migrate email, contacts, calendar, and public folder data from your on-premises and hosted Microsoft Exchange servers. If you are switching a small number of users from Microsoft Outlook, GAMMO does the same. Learn more about our official data migration tool for Google Apps in this helpful guide. Both GAMME and GAMMO focus on email and contact management services. If you need to move to another location, read on! We need to provide shoutout to gooru.

Gooru is one of the best resources for businesses visiting Google. This tutorial on migrating Google Apps for Microsoft Exchange provides a structured checklist for migration. Doing so will not miss important details. Use Lucidchart. A third-party diagram app that allows users to easily integrate into their Google Apps domain. Once complete, you only need to click twice to access the program.

Simply click on the app launcher and select Lucidchart. One of the most attractive features of the Visio alternative is Microsoft Visio import and export, which allows you to upload legacy files to Lucidchart. It’s editable, but you can collaborate on the diagram, publish it online, export it to Visio format, and more.

Microsoft Project

You are lucky. In our opinion, the best project management software, Smartsheet, provides Microsoft Project file import (with Excel file and Google Spreadsheet import). In addition to importing older documents, you can share files, set up deadline alerts, and create project management documents such as burndown charts and Gantt charts.

Use Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Try Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Provides file import for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, respectively. If you want a comprehensive software package, it’s hard to beat the built-in product to meet Google’s basic business requirements. For 80-90% of users, Google Docs and Slides work just like Microsoft’s services. Spreadsheets are disappointed with Google’s power because advanced users of Excel do not have the same features as Goal Seek, add-ons, and keyboard shortcuts for formats and filters.

Sheets, however, partially compensates for strong collaboration and continuous product development. Another listing is in Google Forms and there is no actual Microsoft comparison. This program is available as a Google Apps integration standard and you can create and analyze surveys for free. Use it to collect information in a much more user-friendly format than bulk e-mail.

Visio alternative

Try Lucidpress. It was created by Lucidchart’s creators and provides a similarly intuitive experience. Simply drag and drop objects onto the canvas to make publishing really easy. Publisher fetch is not yet available, but it is the most popular app in the Google Apps Marketplace. Like Lucidchart, we offer a free premium trial so you can experiment with paid features before subscribing. After trying out several publisher alternatives, I think Lucidpress is the best way to create flyers, brochures, posters, and other design and layout projects.

Microsoft Lync and Microsoft OneNote

Together, you can schedule appointments and conference calls at record times. YouCanBook.Me is integrated with Google Calendar and is ideal for setting up job interviews and team meetings. We even saw the user clicking on the button to schedule an individual feedback session with the product tester. Uber Conference is easy to use. Created by Google Talk creators, this audio conferencing software offers smart features such as ear covers, audio recording, and PIN-free dial-up.

The visual interface shows who is speaking at a given moment, which is useful for congested calls. Try EverNote. This is the only recommendation not to integrate with Google Apps, but here are some good reasons: EverNote is a fantastic memo app that is not a team but a personal tool. However, you can bring your OneNote file in a few simple steps to turn your old work into a cloud. This program also supports integration with Gmail accounts.

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