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Best Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

Much better than Google Chrome. The smooth and direct design of Chrome, the world’s most popular web browser, is the best choice for bloggers and those who spend most of their time online. Other key features of Chrome include an excellent tab management system and quick setup time. But the real competition and differentiation is the vast number of compatible browser extensions.

Google Chrome Extensions

There are literally hundreds of different extensions and apps available. Use this feature to customize and improve your Chrome browsing experience. But which extension is the best? The sheer number available is not the easiest to find. We did some work by narrowing the top 15 Google Chrome extensions for bloggers. If you are creating a blog post to make a living, you should identify these top-level browser extensions.


MozBar is one of the best tools for SEO related bloggers. Chrome’s built-in Chrome extension lets you instantly access data such as page permissions, domain permissions, and links to any website. All information is provided on in-page for easier consumption.

Open SEO statistics

Open SEO Stats (formerly PageRank Stats) takes the best aspects of MozBar, Alexa Traffic Rank and other tools and combines them into one. The most popular Google Chrome SEO extension with overall ease and efficiency. Important data you provide about the websites you visit include back links, indexed pages, page speeds, link statistics, and more.

Alexa Tra nsportation Rating

Alexa Traffic Rank is similar to MozBar. This extension allows you to find popular websites around the world. Another cool feature is showing how your website looks in the past.


Grammarly is one of the best extensions for Chrome. Spelling and grammar apps help you avoid typographical or grammatical errors. Best of all, it is compatible with most online writing platforms like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Site blocking

Those who make a living through the Internet know how easy it is to waste valuable time on the web. Please enter a site block. With Chrome Extensions, you can block specific websites that are time-consuming and productive.

Google docs to WordPress

The only thing you hate about Google Docs is that you do not have built-in features to send your content to a WordPress website. This has been fixed as a WordPress extension in Google Docs. Send everything from Google Docs to WordPress with a single click.


Pocket is a cool little application that stores online content for later. 2015 Webby It’s good news because you won the “Best Productivity App” award. My favorite thing is that you do not need an internet connection to view your saved content.

Google Dictionary

Did you cross the word you do not know? With Google Dictionaries, everything you need to look up definitions is two clicks. When you double-click a word that is confusing, the definition automatically appears in the In-Page pop-up.

Google Publisher Toolbar

The Google Publisher Toolbar makes it easy to view your published data. Extensions make it easy to see AdSense, Ad Exchange, DoubleClick, and more. Using a single interface, you can see this information much more effective and convenient.

Gmail Offline

There is hardly anything less than doing business without an Internet connection. Gmail Offline makes things less painful. Extensions allow you to read and respond to e-mail without an Internet connection. E-mail is updated and synchronized whenever the device connects to the Internet.

Google Keep

Google Keep helps you keep track of your thoughts as the name suggests. Chrome extensions let you store your notes, lists, photos and more perfectly. A variety of tools are available to organize your thoughts more systematically. Like most Google apps, Keep is compatible across all devices.


Bloggers are constantly looking for ways to improve productivity. Writer browser extensions help you do just that with a simple writing platform. The online text editor is minimalist. Because there is no feature, you can easily get the word out without looking around using settings.


One of the simplest online security tips is not to use the same password for every other account. Unfortunately, remembering dozens of passwords is not easy. LastPass is a unique platform for encrypting and storing passwords that helps solve this problem. When you visit each website of the registered device, it is input automatically.


With Bitly, you can easily share links online. Very useful apps shorten URLs to several characters. People using Twitter-like websites know how important it is to keep their marketing messages concise and concise.


Despite the quality information, some web pages are bogged down by poor design. The Decryption Facility extension crawls these pages and removes unnecessary confusion, creating a more readable version. The sidebar, pop-ups, and social sharing buttons will be launched first.

These some Google Chrome extensions are Google’s best best practices. However, they are far from the only extensions available. There are dozens of good quality awaiting discoveries. The key is to find people who are personally beneficial as bloggers and web users.

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